ABOUT DANNIE SNYDER, Founder & President of LIV creations

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Dannie Snyder, Founder & President of LIV creations LLC, dabbles in many art forms. The video at the bottom of this page is her demo reel, which will give you a little taste of all of her talents. Although she has experience in screen/playwriting, cinematography, and editing, she is now focusing on producing, directing and management within the realm of film and theatre. Within the realm of music, she performs with many different bands (visit DannieSnyder.com) and occasionally performs her poetry for fun! However, primarily, she is an educator and community organizer, teaching social justice through the arts (check out Creative Action) as well as enjoying matchmaking artists: fostering more unique collaborations in Austin, Texas and beyond. With the strike of the Coronavirus, she is now offering more tutoring in English Language Arts through Austin Learning Center and privately.

Snyder recently finished her Master’s at The University of Munich, Germany’s most renowned university. She studied at the American Institute, part of the Humanities department, which is one of the highest ranking Humanities departments in the world. During her studies, she examined the role of live performing arts in North American culture versus European culture in the 20th and 21st Centuries with a special interest in the role of art in social/political movements. Her goal is to further explore both the ways in which we can reinvigorate the role of theatre, music, and dance as, once again, defining elements of civilization – particularly through increasing collaboration – as well as to empower protest through the use of interactive art. LIV creations supported one of her productions at the University of Munich, which explored these ideas/questions: odEulogy.