odEulogy (working title)


An ode and eulogy to American theatre, odEulogy (working title) praises the great 20th century playwrights but also questions where their audiences went. Two desperate actors tackle over fifteen American classics in this one-hour show, commentating along the way on the relationship between the stage and American culture, be it profound or insignificant. odEulogy promises improvisation and fun audience interaction in the hopes of not only generating discussion within the theatre space but in inspiring audiences to continue researching about their local theatres.

On August 9, 2018, odEulogy had a staged reading at the Amerikahaus in Munich, Germany, featuring the talented Azeret Koua and Anna Karenina. It was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry o Education and Research (BMBF) (grant no 01PL17016). Please note that any opinions expressed in our piece are strictly those of the author, Dannie Snyder. The script began as an independent study project through the Amerika-Institut at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, where playwright Snyder is receiving her Master’s in American Culture, History and Society. The independent study project was lead by the enthusiastic Professor Dr. Sascha Pöhlmann. Special thanks should also be given to Dominik Raabe, Amerikahaus’s Program Director of Culture and Politics, for organizing our event.

Check out this short documentary, which goes into much more depth about the process of making odEulogy as well as its future, particularly how we are looking for American high school theatre programs to experiment with this script!

Please note that the reason we are only using “odEulogy” as a working title is because of the amazing success of a one-man show, The Eulogy, and our respect to its amazing man, Michael Burgos. So if you are interested in experimenting with our script OR have an idea for a new title, please email writer/director Dannie Snyder.