About LIV creations, LLC

LIV creations LLC was a Film & Theatre Production Company from 2009-2015, having produced three stage full-length productions, three short films, and one feature film.  It was founded by Dannie Snyder with the mission to fuse artists from both the stage and screen.  From cinematographers to dancers, animators to musicians, poets to puppeteers, and much more, Snyder wanted to tighten and celebrate the artistic community from which the projects were based, primarily the Washington DC Metro Area and Austin, Texas.

As children, a cardboard box could be a spaceship, a car, a time travel machine, anything! But imagining what hasn’t yet been imagined, that is “thinking outside of the box,” was only a small part of what LIV creations did.  They took us deeper into the box, to look deeper into ourselves for truths we have yet dared to speak.  As a result, their stories promoted fresh ideas and did so through fresh approaches and technical methods.  At LIV creations, their indie projects transformed the process of creating stories the way in which their stories transformed audiences.

LIV creations began with the unique production of Unopened.  Snyder was approached by storyteller Dane Styler to write a stage play and its screenplay adaptation as well as to produce both the stage performance and film.  Both productions premiered back-to-back on May 15th, 2009 at a special event hosted at George Mason University.

During that time, Snyder was working towards two degrees from George Mason University: the first in Theatre Studies (with a Minor in Music) and the second in Film & Video Studies.  In launching LIV creations with the productions of Unopened, she examined the ways in which a film can have theatrical elements and a stage performance can have cinematic elements, focusing on the process of transformation within the spectator.  She still searches for answers: How is a stage performance efficacious?  How is a film efficacious?  How can producers blend story approaches and technical methods of both efficacious stage plays and films?

To learn more about Dannie Snyder, go to About Dannie Snyder.